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Outriders: How to Get an OP Assault Rifle

Many Outriders players are exploring the endgame and crafting builds to perfect their Expedition times. For many players, the hunt for top-tier gear is a long and tedious process, while other players may be blessed with amazing RNG luck. The crafting and mods system is is still subject to some layers of RNG that can be troublesome to work around. Fortunately for players, there are a couple methods to get an OP Assault Rifle early in Outriders. The Earthborn Renegade’s Assault Rifle comes with t

Outriders: Damage Scaling Explained

Outriders can be a complicated game with not much detail about how the finer points of its systems work. Damage Scaling is one such point that does not have much detail behind it. For many players, it can be frustrating not having answers to some questions behind the game’s mechanics. With some clarification from People Can Fly on Reddit, players may now have a better understanding of how damage scaling works in Outriders. Outriders players have World Tiers and Challenge Tiers that dictate the

Bungie is Hiring for a New Game Focused on Competitive PvP

The studio that created Halo in 2001 and is currently building the Destiny franchise, Bungie, has recently announced a studio expansion. Many gamers are already aware of Bungie’s plans to continue developing the Destiny franchise, not only as a video game but into other forms of media, as well. However, a recent job listing at Bungie may hint at something completely new for the studio. Destiny fans have always discussed the game as having a PVE side and a PVP side. With balance changes to one s

Outriders Player Destroys Final Endgame Boss in Single Shot

Many Outriders players have finished the main campaign and are working through the endgame Expeditions. The Expeditions can be difficult because they are timed, forcing players to focus on pure DPS builds. Players need to earn Drop Pods from these Expeditions to face the ultimate boss of Outriders. The last boss in Outriders costs an expensive 40,000 Drop Pods to enter and is sure to give many players a tough time. Some Outriders players however have used the Status Effects system in coordinati

Outriders: How to Get Unlimited Legendaries

Outriders recently patched an exploit that allowed players to farm Legendary gear much faster than intended. Outriders players could generate up to ten Legendaries in about an hour by utilizing the Monster Hunt quests. While that has been patched and is no longer a working exploit, Outriders players have found another way to get unlimited Legendaries. Players that are missing Legendary weapon mods may find this trick helpful to grab a few Legendaries they may not already own, or get a head star

Outriders: How to Beat Shaman Warlord

Outriders, like many games, features some particularly difficult boss fights. Players of Outriders may find themselves up against other Altered, Monsters, or even a Shaman Warlord. For fans of Outriders, these boss fights can be easy to complete on a solo run, or a struggle with a full three-man squad. The Shaman Warlord is not a particularly tough enemy, but it is a bullet sponge that has some key mechanics to watch out for, making this fight more of a dance around the map than a straight-up g

Outriders: How To Unlock And Complete 'Forgotten Chapel' Side Quest

Outriders has an extensive list of campaign missions and side quests for players to embark on. While the main campaign is straightforward and linear, some side quests are harder to find. Outriders makes redoing side quests worthwhile by continuing to award players for replaying some of its side quests, with some granting Legendary rewards for completion. While most side quests are repeatable and easy to find, others are more hidden with one requiring a minor puzzle to complete. The Forgotten Ch

Outriders: Best Loot Farms Post Patch

Outriders players who are keen on making the perfect build for their characters may be looking for an efficient loot farm. With the recent patch of an exploit surrounding the Monster Hunts, players may wonder where they can farm for loot. Fortunately for Outriders fans, there is still an efficient means of farming for Legendary rewards. Fans of Outriders may want to gain more Legendaries for their unique looks, while many players may just want the mods from the Legendaries to use on their favor

Destiny 2 is Nerfing Some of Its Best PvP Weapons

Destiny 2 is gearing up for its next season, which is slated to start in a few weeks. As with any new season in Destiny 2, changes are expected. In the This Week At Bungie update on April 8, Bungie outlined some changes that Guardians can expect to see in Season 14, and PVP lovers are seeing some major nerfs. Destiny 2 has been struggling with its PVP identity since Stasis hit the Crucible, as Beyond Light changed Destiny 2 with its introduction of Stasis and Sunsetting. Bungie had a plan for c

Outriders Removing Legendary Rewards for Redoing Hunts and Bounties

Outriders has been available for one week as of today, and its developers have taken to Reddit to post a six-part update on the game. The six-part Outriders update covers plans to fix persistent bugs as well as balance changes to different aspects of the game. One of the most notable changes is the fix to a bug that unintentionally rewarding players with extra Legendary gear. Over the last week, players have found an exploit with the matchmaking system and the repeatable side quest hunts. The e

Destiny 2 Nerfing Weapon Perks Frenzy, Quickdraw, and More

Destiny 2’s season 14 is slated to start in a few weeks. As with most new seasons in Destiny 2, Guardians can expect a few changes to bring in the new season. Today, Bungie addressed some of the upcoming changes to the weapon perks Quickdraw, Frenzy, and Reservoir Burst. There are a lot of different weapon perks in Destiny 2. Some are more popular than others, with Guardians trying to find their favorite perks on the new weapons that are released. Other perks are not as popular because they're

Outriders: All Status Effects and What They Do

Outriders hit the ground running with a lot of success during its demo and continued success since its official launch. Many gamers across the world have been exploring Outriders and unlocking the mysteries of the strange planet, Enoch. Outriders gives players a few things to keep in mind for optimal damage dealing. Status effects are just one layer of an Altered’s kit and can be used solo but shine when playing with other players. Status effects in Outriders come in various types, with some ha

Destiny 2 and Outriders Aren't in an Arms Race, but FOMO May Be a Concern

Outriders has finally been released and gamers across the world are diving into the new sci-fi looter-shooter from Square Enix and People Can Fly. While many Outriders players are coming from different games, the most comparable at the moment may have to be Destiny 2: Beyond Light. While Outriders is not set up to have limited time content like Destiny, nor is any comparison of the two an exact 1:1, many players may struggle with a sense of FOMO between the two games. Outriders is a standalone

Destiny 2: Grandmaster Proving Grounds Guide

Destiny 2’s Nightfall: The Ordeal Strikes on Grandmaster difficulty are possibly one of the most difficult things a three-Guardian fireteam can attempt. As one of the pinnacle end game activities in Destiny 2, Grandmaster Nightfall: The Ordeal requires Guardians to coordinate heavily with their fireteam to see success. Guardians who complete the Nightfall: The Ordeal on Grandmaster difficulty will be granted better drop rates on some of the endgame materials and Nightfall weapons. Grandmaster D

What 'Become as Gods' Means in the Nier: Automata Special Edition

Nier: Automata Become as Gods Edition is a special edition of Nier: Automata that originally released on the Xbox One on June 26, 2018. The Become as Gods Edition of Nier: Automata recently released on Xbox Game Pass, bringing this edition to the PC for the first time. "Become as gods" is a narrative theme found within Nier: Automata, where the gods refer to the creators of the Machines and Androids. The Androids were created by humans while the Machines were created by the aliens that invaded

Destiny 2 The Palindrome God Roll

Destiny 2: Beyond Light introduces fresh ways to hunt for legendary weapons through the weekly Nightfall: The Ordeal. These targeted Legendary weapons include reprised Destiny 1 weapons, Shadow Price, The Palindrome, and THE SWARM. The Palindrome Hand Cannon returns in Destiny 2: Beyond Light as a Void Energy weapon. Guardians can farm for The Palindrome when it is the weekly Nightfall: The Ordeal reward. The only question around The Palindrome is what the god roll is. The Palindrome is a vers

It Takes Two: How Many Chapters

It Takes Two is a two-person co-op adventure from the studio that released A Way Out in 2018, Hazelight Studios. With the success of A Way Out, it is no surprise that It Takes Two is also seeing success considering they both follow a similar shared screen co-op gameplay style. With It Takes Two’s success, gamers may wonder how many chapters are in the game and how long it will take to complete. It Takes Two focuses on the dynamic of a married couple combined with the shared screen co-op gamepla

How to Claim Free PlayStation Play at Home Games

PlayStation’s Play at Home initiative is Sony’s way of prompting people to stay at home during the current events of the world. Having returned in 2021, the Play at Home program is bringing new games for people to enjoy for free. With ten new games added to the Play at Home program, PlayStation users are sure to find something to their liking. While PlayStation Plus subscribers may be used to receiving free games every month, the Play at Home games are available to all PlayStation 4 and PlaySta

Destiny 2 Trick Lets Players Farm Specific Exotic Armor Slots

Destiny 2: Beyond Light, introduced a new way to farm Exotic Armor in the form of Legend and Master Lost Sectors. Guardians who complete these Legends or Master Lost Sectors, solo, will have a chance at getting an Exotic Armor piece. While this is already slightly focused on one of the Armor slots, Helmet, Arms, Chest, or Legs, one Guardian has found a way to turn them into Exotic Engrams and convert them to something other than their original targeted drop. Destiny 2 player and YouTube Content

Destiny 2 Fan Creates Impressive Hawkmoon Replica with Ashen Wings Ornament

The Hawkmoon is an iconic Hand Cannon in the Destiny franchise. Hawkmoon first appeared in Destiny 1 alongside Thorn and The Last Word. Returning in Destiny 2: Beyond Light, Hawkmoon comes with its iconic look and two new ornaments that change its appearance. One fan has recreated the iconic Hand Cannon adorned with one of its new Ornaments, On Ashen Wings. On Ashen Wings is one of the new Ornaments for Hawkmoon, which gives the gun a different darker color and more pronounced feathers to make
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